SoundCare Plus Ultrasound

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SoundCare Plus Ultrasound
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The SoundCare Plus™ is a Professional Therapeutic Ultrasound device, designed by Clinicians. This professional device is unique... it comes standard with 2 sound heads, 1 cm2 and 5 cm2, that are both plugged into the device at the same time. The user can switch between wands with a single button push. 

Product Features

• Comes complete with two sound heads, 1 cm2 and 5 cm2 for more targeted therapy
• Used for the treatment of chronic and acute muscular pain
• User can switch between dual sound heads with the push of a single button
• Fully functional 1 MHz and 3 MHz frequencies
• 20 user-defined presets with pulsed and continuous therapy
• Ergonomic handle design
• Two year warranty