What Are Far Infrared Rays (FIR)?

Posted by Rally Active on 2018 Mar 15th

FIR is a form of naturally occurring thermal radiation, used for millennia to combat muscle ache and pain.

Rally Active™ Supports work with your body’s natural mechanics to bolster and rehabilitate your muscles and joints.

The Science

Far Infrared Rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.The full electromagnetic spectrum extends far beyond the light and colours visible to the human eye. Beyond the visible light spectrum is an array of wavelengths of energy.

As organic beings we are always absorbing and emitting FIR. When a material infused with FIR fibers is placed next to the skin the circulation of FIR rays into the body is increased

By using your body’s own natural heat FIR can penetrate deep below the skin to muscles and tissues below, gradually raising temperature and activating water molecules

The Results

  • Deep Tissue Therapy and Warmth
  • Reduced Swelling
  • Improved Supply of Oxygenated Blood
  • Increased Rate of Cellular Repair
  • Relief of Aches and Pains

The Rally Active™Difference

All Rally Active™ products are made with an intelligent blend of activated bamboo charcoal and quality far infrared infused fibers.

The Rally Active™ material activates water molecules in the deep tissues, which helps stimulate blood flow and provide much needed oxygen to areas of pain or swelling.

This brings an internal warmth that penetrates deeper than traditional heat or ice therapy.

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