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Improving Hand Therapy with Puttycise®

Posted by L.C. Thurston on 2017 Oct 20th

Our hands are important tools so losing functionality can seriously impact your quality of living. There are many things that may affect hand functionality including injury, stroke, and arthritis, but strength and dexterity can be regained through regular exercise. Putty is a dynamic tool that is Read more…

Introducing CanDo

Posted by L.C. Thurston on 2017 Oct 20th

Vitality Depot is expanding our range of tubes and bands to offer our customers more choice and better value. We are proud to offer CanDo® products, beginning this November. This means we are adding three complete series of tubes and bands CanDo®, Sup-R Band®, and Val-u-Band®. All Read more…

Is your clinic's name holding you back?

Posted by Conchita van Meurs on 2017 Sep 18th

If you are planning to make some dramatic changes in your clinic (adding new therapists, modalities or specialties), one of the first changes you will need to consider is your clinic’s name. Does your current name clearly outline to potential patients what your new focus or expanded offerings are Read more…

The Story Behind Balance Boards

Posted by L.C. Thurston on 2017 Feb 8th

Balance is described as the even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady or in other words not falling over. It is a simple concept but it requires a great deal of coordination. Not just being able to put one foot in front of the other either, no. Your bo Read more…

Four Reasons You Need a Foam Roller

Posted by L.C. Thurston on 2017 Feb 8th

Introducing the new  Health Medics 3-in-1 Foam Roll Massager. It's three tools packed into one compact packaged. We have designed these rollers to fit inside one another to reduce clutter and save you the hassle of purchasing three separate tools. But why do you need one at all? Read more…