Zimmer enPuls 2.0 Radial Shockwave Unit Next Generation

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The Zero Down Time Promise:
The Zero Down Time Promise
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Flip-book Catalogue
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Next Gen enPuls 2.0 Radial Shockwave Unit by Zimmer
L o a d i n g

Less pain, same outcomes = enPuls softshot technology  enPuls creates unique shockwave pulses by using a projectile 5 times heavier than standard air compressor systems but with the same amount of mechanical energy.

Extremely Easy to Use

Both Zimmer shockwaves come with a interactive, full colour touch screen that gives you direct access to: 

  • Preset therapy protocols
  • Visual and written instructions on screen
  • Shock counter, therapy settings
  • Body Map indications menu with preset treatment protocols


  • Fast and effective therapies
  • Interface makes it easy to use and learn
  • Soft shot technology is less painful for patients
  • No messy air compressor to maintain
  • Premium, Platinum Service Warranty 


  • Max Pressure of 185 mJ (5 bars)
  • Max Energy 22 Hz
  • User Interface: Full colour touch screen
  • On screen treatment instructions are fully integrated
  • Include aluminum transport case
  • Hand piece warranty is 2 Million shots

enPuls 2.0 comes with travel case and a hand piece

Made in Germany

 Please note, this unit must be paid in full before shipment. Call for leasing options.

Platinum Service Warranty

With exceptional engineering comes the ability to offer an exceptional warranty as well. This means that if you should ever encounter a problem with your Zimmer product, while under warranty, we will ensure that your “downtime” will be minimal. In partnership with Vitality Depot, we will act with urgency to correct the issue to your satisfaction and get your clinic efficiently operating again at lightning speed.

  • Incoming Warranty Service calls will be handled immediately by our qualified service technicians. If a technician is not available to take your call, we guarantee to call you back within two business hours.
  • Any problem will be diagnosed within one business day.

Loaner Unit

If we require the return of your product for repair, we will send you a Loaner Unit which will be shipped within 24 hours of the completion of the diagnostic evaluation. Replacement units on loan in your office can be used until we can return your repaired product to you.

Pre-paid Shipping

We know you’re busy which is why we will also Pre-Arrange and Pre-Pay on your behalf:

  • All shipping charges for you to return the unit to be repaired
  • All shipping charges for you to return the Loaner Unit

Friendly, courteous Customer Technical Support will assist and guide you through to a satisfactory resolution and get your clinic operational again as quickly as possible. Upon completion of all service repairs we will follow up with you to complete our Customer Technical Support Satisfaction Review. We need your feedback in order to document your degree of satisfaction, and ensure that you have received the highest level service.