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Step 1: Download the Zimmer firmware for your device. 

Step 2: Remove the SD card from your Zimmer Unit. The SD card is located along the bottom edge of the machine. The casing of the unit may make it difficult to reach the SD, you will need to press the card deeper into the machine in order to release it.


Step 3: Once you have removed your SD Card you will need to place it in a computer with an SD Reader. Once the card is detected you will notice a new folder titled "No Name". This is your Zimmer SD card. Open your the .Zip folder you downloaded and copy the folders you find (FIRMWARE etc) to your Zimmer SD card. You will first need to delete any folder you are replacing.

For instance if you want to copy the IND folder. First delete it from the SD card and then copy the new version from the zip folder.

Step 4: Once the new files have been successfully copied you may remove the SD card from the PC and place it back in the Zimmer Machine. Turn the machine on (Or off and then on again if it is currently on). If the firmware needs to be updated a prompt will appear asking you if you would like to update. Select "Yes" and allow the update to run.

!Do not turn off the machine during this update!


Step 5: Once the update is complete you may restart the device. If there is no prompt to update the software then your firmware is already up to date. If issues persist please contact a member of our Sales team for further troubleshooting or service requests. 


For detailed instructions on each machine please see the following PDFs.