Why select a Cardon Treatment Table?

Martindale Rating

Also known as the Martindale Rub Test, it simulates natural wear of a seat or table cover, where the textile sample being tested is pulled and rubbed against a standard abrasive surface with a specified force.

  • Commercial Grade Fabrics: 30,000 + rubs
  • Most Treatment Tables Vinyls: 50,000 rubs
  • Cardon Tables: 1.5 Million rubs


Decrease your annual cost of ownership by choosing the brand of table with the best warranty in the industry:

  • 15 year warranty on all frames
  • 5 year warranty on all motor and electrical components
  • 1 year warranty on all switches and upholstery

Consider Leasing

Enjoy tax benefits, facilitate your budgeting and conserve your working capital and lines of credit by considering leasing.

What Makes Cardon Different?

Design Excellence

  • Cardon exceeds customer expectations with innovative and superior quality products.
  • Made in Canada, in house manufacturing ensures
  • Quality at the source.


  • Extensive product testing
  • Use of exceptional quality materials.
  • Each and every component is selected based on quality and performance.

Return on Investment

  • Proven track record of longevity of products.
  • Design and manufacturing methods reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Designed to outperform and outlast any other table in market.

Cardon Rehab offers over 40 years of experience in designing and engineering rehab equipment. Cardon's principles of listening to their customers, and using the best quality parts and manufacturing processes, ensures they are producing the most innovative and highest quality equipment.

Their equipment is used in prestigious Universities and teaching hospitals in North America, and rehabilitation experts acknowledge Cardon products as the most reliable and stable produced. Cardon takes pride in their focus on safety, strength and sustainability, producing an outstanding line of products such as treatment tables and therapeutic exercise equipment.

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