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Spend Credits at $250 Order Value!

Spend Credits

The term SPEND CREDITS is likely a term you're not familiar with in our market.

Vitality has introduced the term Spend Credits in place of Free Shipping. Everyone is familiar with free shipping, and Vitality as a company wanted to address this free shipping trend.

We all know shipping is not free. Trucks, drivers, insurance, gas etc. all come at quite a heavy price. Vitality spends 100s of thousands of dollars a year on shipping.

Our foundation was built on creating Everyday Reliable Value for our clients. The concept of free shipping underpins our ability to maintain that foundation. Shipping costs are real, and Vitality would either have to charge you directly on invoice, or add the cost to the product.

A free shipping model would increase our overall product selling price to you across the entire line and all regions of Canada. Therein lies the problem with free shipping. Products need to have shipping cost built in, but the cost to ship around the corner is one rate, and the cost to ship to our friends out in Yellowknife is 2, even 3 times higher for the same box. Our team really tried, but in the end, a free shipping model would create a geographically unfair pricing model. The only way around this, would be to blend the shipping cost into product cost, and have some clinics over paying and other clinics underpaying, which is not fair.

The Solution

Vitality understands that as your order value increases so does our ability to save you some money. The fairest way we could do this was not by offering free shipping, but by creating a clear percentage reduction over certain order amount thresholds.

This allows Vitality to understand the real cost of the Spend Credit incentive, and also allows us to not have to inflate pricing across the entire product line.

When you spend $250 on a order, before shipping and taxes, Vitality will issue you a $12.50 Spend credit. This works out to a 5% reduction at $250. Keep in mind you also earn another 1.5% cash back through the Vitality Rewards Program. The $12.50 could be less than your shipping cost, but remember we did not inflate the product cost. Vitality sends thousands of orders a year with shipping costs well under $12.50. When this happens, you would get free shipping plus cash off your order instantly.

Thank you for your support and Enjoy Every Day.

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