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refer a friend

Refer a friend programs have been a part of our lives for years now.

Vitality tries every day to improve and create a better experience for our very valued clients.

The greatest compliment someone can give us is the poke to a friend saying "you should check Vitality Depot out. " When this happens, our team is informed, and basically, a high five goes around our place. When you Refer a Friend, it means what we are doing matters, and you're happy to the point you want others to know about Vitality and what makes us different.

Every time you Refer a Friend who is not already a client, they will be given a 10% off coupon code they can apply to their first purchase.

For every friend who ends up placing an order, you will receive 25,000 reward points. That works out to be 25 loonies. On top of that, we will also send you a cool gift as a thank you. We would give you a hug too, but the travel costs would get a little crazy.

Thank you so much for your support.