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patient product innovator

Vitality Depot has been the leading patient product innovator for well over a decade. Vitality has retooled many old but proven therapy products by making size, shape and material changes, along with updating packaging, with a more modern and appealing design. How many times have you handed a product to a patient that was so out of date packaging-wise, you actually felt kind of embarrassed handing it to them? You never have to worry about that with any of the lines introduced by Vitality Depot. Vitality constantly introduces and leads the market in product innovation.

Our StimTec line of products, some with Human Targeting technology, come with packaging that you can be proud to hand to a patient. Some come with rechargeable lithium batteries, and all come with Canadian language law requirements on not only the full color, beautiful box, but also user guides.

Vitality is also the company that is trying to maintain brand value, so you can maintain a reasonable return on your efforts. Vitality introduced the evolutionary Tricot backing on electrodes. We lead the market in bringing higher quality Silver level electrodes to the patient level to create more comfort, and in turn, better compliance to treatments from your patients. Vitality is the exclusive distributor in Canada for Zimmer.

Vitality works with Zimmer because they are a global leader in the innovation and manufacturing of clinical treatment equipment. Zimmer has a team of engineers, and manufactures their equipment in Germany to ensure strict quality control measures.

We introduced Biofreeze to Canada.  It continues to be the leader nationally, through lots of hard work and loyalty to you, by promising not to sell through retail. If you do not purchase Biofreeze from us, does the company you buy from sell to general public? Online? To anyone who asks, anywhere, any time? Biofreeze and Vitality protect your interests, and greatly appreciate your support, and show it with policies like this.

Vitality will continue to introduce products like the Posture Medic, ErgoBack, Pain Gone, iTENS, CryoBlaze, Health Medic Rehab kits, Pillowthotic, Neckthotic, Seatthotic, the list goes on. Vitality welcomes all ideas, and sometimes even partners with inventors or idea people to assist in introducing great products or ideas. We love the win-win world :)