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not a product broker

Vitality Depot is a full service medical supplier. We stock what we sell, unlike product brokers that have websites full of product they expect other companies to inventory and ship. Vitality doesn't sell caramels, toilet paper, soft drinks, snacks, etc., we sell medical supplies and equipment.

Product brokers claim to save you time by allowing you to purchase everything from one source. This so-called luxury can come with quite a premium when you compare product to product and price to price. Vitality Depot was built on the platform of "Everyday Reliable Value. " It might be a good idea to fill one shopping cart of products from a product broker and another shopping cart from our website, and see the true cost of
one-stop shopping.

Brokers claim the time it takes to pay extra invoices is not worth your time, and to get everything from one supplier. We respectfully disagree. It takes maybe 2 minutes to pay an invoice with online banking. You can also pay online instantly with Vitality when you place the order; it takes no extra time at all, and you earn rewards, likely with your own card, and with Vitality Rewards.

If you save, for example, just $30 on an order from Vitality in comparison to ordering through a broker (it can be way more than this), and it takes 2 minutes to post the extra bill, the extra time it takes to pay the bill works out to be $900 PER HOUR ($30 x 30 bills paid an hour at 2 minutes a bill). We think that is well worth your effort.