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Credit Terms

We offer 30 day credit terms to our clinical customers. Credit will not be offered on items that are personalized, customized or on capital equipment. These items must be paid in full before they are shipped. We reserve the right to deny, limit and/or change the amount of credit being offered. 

• 2% Net 10 : You may deduct 2% of the total invoice for all payments received within 10 days of the invoice date that are paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer) or cheque. We reserve the right not to process this discount, if the funds are not received in time. This discount will also not apply for customers who have been put on COD or in case of credit card payments.

At 30 days unpaid balances are subject to an interest charge at the rate of 2% per month (24% per annum) until the balance is paid in full.

At 45 days past due, your account will placed on hold and new orders will not be processed until the account is paid in full

• At 60 days past due, your account may be subject to a permanent COD status

At 90 days past due, the account may be turned over for collections. In addition, all agency fees related to collections for your account will have to be paid.

We reserve the right to refuse new orders or credit to any customer who has not paid on time throughout their account history.

We accept cheques, EFT, Visa & Mastercard payments.

We can also help organize a lease for capital equipment items.

All products remain the property of Vitality Depot until paid in full.