Clinic Builders

Growing Your Business

Providing your patients with the proper tools before they leave your clinic, not only speeds up their rehabilitation, but also increases your patients referral rate and grows your business.

Vitality helps you keep these patient-oriented tools and equipment in stock and readily available for patients to purchase and take home before they leave your clinic.

Instead of leaving your patients unguided and unattended to find their own way in the aisles of a generic pharmaceutical store, you can provide them with the exact tools so they can do their home rehab activity effectively.

Vitality offers a wide range of patient-oriented brochures, demo units, displays and other support materials to make patients aware of the options they have. Our specially developed ‘Clinic Builders’ help you easily promote this rehab equipment.

From patient consumables such as Biofreeze, Cryoderm and Rocktape to specialized braces and TENS units, Vitality will help make sure your patients can purchase the rehab tools they need as soon as they need them, right from your clinic.

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