8 Reasons to add Shockwave Therapy to your clinic

Posted by Vitality Team on 2019 Aug 13th

Reason 1: Doctors are recommending it

Although Shockwave therapy has been around since the 1990s, it is only in the past decade that it has become an affordable option for most clinics and patients.

More doctors are recommending Shockwave Therapy for 3 main reasons:

  • It is a safe, non-invasive therapy that can negate the need for surgery.
  • A plethora of research already supports Shockwave Therapy as an effective modality.
  • Doctors are seeing the results first hand as more patients have access to the therapy and are reporting their success.

Reason 2: Patients are searching for it

Whether they have been formally prescribed Shockwave therapy or not, patients are looking for it. In this information age, patients have easy access to treatment options for their conditions. Shockwave Therapy is often cited in research and online as an ideal therapy for many of the conditions they are researching, so they want it.

Patients sensitive to prescription medication and OTC pain relievers are looking for natural, drug-free solutions for their painful conditions. Shockwave Therapy offers these patients long term results for both acute and chronic conditions.

Reason 3: Better Outcomes = Improved Retention & More Referrals

Patients often experience improvements after their first session. Because the results are often instantaneous, patients are far more likely to complete their full treatment plan. They are also more likely to recommend the therapy to their friends and family.

Shockwave Therapy also offers solutions to chronic conditions that are resistant to other modalities and forms of therapy. This means that patients that have not had good results in the past, could benefit greatly from Shockwave Therapy. These patients are especially likely to recommend the therapy to friends being treated with other modalities.

Reason 4: Simple to Implement

Shockwave Therapy is very easy to learn. It is an extension of what hands-on therapists already do, so most practitioners can be treating patients the same day the device arrives. Shockwave machines like the Zimmer enPuls have a full onboard protocol list with full colour imagery and instructions.


Zimmer enpuls screen

Once a therapist has practiced a few of the protocols on themselves or their associates, they are typically comfortable to treat patients.

Shockwave units are small and easily portable, so most clinics will not need to expand or change too much to start treating with Shockwave Therapy.

In addition, Shockwave Therapy is safe. The modality has no serious side effects and very few contraindications. This makes it easy to implement within the clinic and with all staff members.

Reason 5: Add years to your professional career

Treating with Shockwave Therapy is not straining on you. The Zimmer enPuls shockwave unit has a high mass handpiece. You can simply place the handpiece where you want it and let the weight of the unit do the work. There is no need to push or add additional pressure. This makes it a body saving therapy to provide, potentially adding years to your professional career.

Reason 6: Treat more patients

Shockwave Therapy provides solutions for conditions you may not treat now. It is ideal for chronic conditions that may not have responded well to other modalities or therapies. This potentially opens the pool of patients you can treat effectively and/or re-activates patients living with chronic conditions.

In addition, treatments only take about 5 minutes per region. Fast, effective treatments means you can likely treat more patients per hour.

Reason 7: Attract Top Professionals

Like all other industries, when you offer the latest technology, you can attract the top professionals. People are more likely to want to join clinics that are investing in their future and offering more treatment options to their clinicians and patients.

Reason 8: Earn New Revenue

Typically clinics bill Shockwave Therapy at rates between $75 - $150. Shockwave Therapy can be easily added to existing treatment plans as an additional therapy or as a faster, replacement solution. Insurance companies also cover Shockwave Therapy, when performed by healthcare professionals.

Overall, the hand-ons healthcare industry is changing very quickly. Gone are the days when offering basic electrotherapy and ultrasound is good enough. Patients, associates and referrers are looking for clinics that offer modalities like Shockwave Therapy and Therapeutic Laser as solutions. Investing now can bring in new revenues, more patients, better outcomes and could reinvigorate your clinic.

So what will it cost me?

Typically you can buy a Shockwave device for about $10,000. The Zimmer enPuls units have a warranty of at least 2 Million shots per hand piece. Assuming you only reach the minimum warranty (you will likely do far more than 2 million shots) and assuming you do 2000 shots per session, you would be warrantied for 1000 treatments.

For easy math, let’s assume you charge $100 per session. This then represents a revenue under warranty of $100,000. So what does it cost? It costs you a minimum of $100,000 - $10,000 = $90,000 in lost revenue not to own one!

When your hand piece finally stops working, you can replace it for about $1,700. The advantage of an electromagnetic unit, like the Zimmer enPuls is that the power supply is in the hand piece. This would be comparable to changing out the engine of your car for $1,700 versus just putting on new tires, like with an Air Compressor powered unit. This $1,700 investment is also warrantied for 2 Million shots, so now the potential lost revenue is an additional $98,300.

Leasing the unit would typically run about $200 - $300 depending on the terms you choose. Unlike leasing a personal vehicle, leasing clinical equipment has great tax advantages. Assuming a charge of $100 per session, you would only need to do 2-3 treatments per month, to cover the cost of your equipment. Typical shockwave protocols are for 6 - 8 sessions, so this represents ½ a patient per month. How many new patients walk through your door now? How many more would you attract offering Shockwave Therapy?

For more details on the tax benefits of leasing, contact us at 800.461.0100. For equipment specifications, click the link below.


8 Reasons why you need to add Shockwave Therapy to your clinic